Ship construction and repairing services

Our well experienced and excellent ship building team provides one stop service in constructing new coastal ships and inland barges as required by our clients. In addition, we also offer services to remodel and revamp ships such as extension of depth of ships and lengthening the length of ships by cutting in mid ship, moving the fore part of the ship to required extent on dock, and adding new frames & shell plates to the hull of ships. We also manage altering and reconstructing the hull structures of ships’ engine foundation.
Our ships, M.V. Htarwara Arr Man was built in 2011, M.V. Htarwara Lone La was built in 2012 and M.V. Htarwara Wiriya which is one of the largest costal ships operating in Myanmar coastline was built in 2016 by our very own in house ship construction team.
For repairing and maintenance of steel hull ships, and fishing trawlers, we replace old and ruined frames and shell plates with new ones. The dock also has inspection and repairing services for shafts, propellers and rubbers as required by clients.

Ship Construction & Repairing